Dash Cam DC06

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Reference Video

How to cnnect the cameras to the APP How to cnnect the cameras to the APP
R How to operation the Gesture Sensor feature




☟ Can the dash cam automatically connect to my phone through WiFi every time on start up?

Because most mobile phone on the market are single-channel phones, sim card cannot be used after Wifi is connected. It may mis important info if the Wifi automatic turn-on and connection.

☟ How to use the parking monitor?

The dash cam require hardwire if you need parking monitor function, please use our customized hardwire kit.

☟ Why my dash cam doesn't record speed?

The dash cam has two USB-C ports, one is for car charger on GPS mount another is for data transmission only on dash cam. Please use the USB-C port on the mount if you need GPS function.

☟ How does the gesture-sensing function work?

A shortcut to take a pic or lock video, save important moments on time. Wave your hand atthe midle bottom of the front camera, it wllactivate the sensor and work, complete with the shutter sound. No need to locate and touch an icon on the screen.