Terms and conditions

1:What users need to do

If you don't need our camera, you can contact our customer service Support@campark.net for a refund.

Refund process:
1: Send an email to our customer service (Support@campark.net)
2: Explain the reason for your refund
3: Send the goods back to the warehouse address provided by the customer service, and provide the tracking number
4: Wait for the customer service to return the money to your account (the money will be returned to your original account within 3 working days)


2:Applicability of returns and refunds


The goods will generally be shipped within 24 hours. You can directly send an email (Support@campark.net) to us within 24 hours to check whether it has been shipped. If it is not shipped, you can directly apply for a refund and we will directly Return to your original account.

Note: If you pay by credit card, we will charge a 3.5% handling fee of the order amount, and then refund the remaining money. Because the bank will take away your 3.5% handling fee.
If you are paying with paypal, we will give you a full refund.

If the goods have quality problems, you can contact our customer service (Support@campark.net), we will give you the return address, give you a full refund, and pay for the shipping cost of your camera return.

Note: If it is not a quality problem, we will not pay the returned shipping fee, and we need to deduct the shipping shipping cost before returning the remaining money to you. 

3:Time limit for accepting returns

Refunds can be applied for within 24 hours, and returns can be applied for within 30 days.

4:About  billing and payment page security 

The website defaults that your billing address and delivery address are the same. If your billing address is different from the delivery address, you can remove the default check.

All payment pages are encrypted, all your personal information will not be leaked out, please don’t worry about personal privacy leakage