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4K Mirror Dash Cam with GPS WiFi, 12" Voice Control Full Touch Screen Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear View Mirror Camera

4K Mirror Dash Cam with GPS WiFi, 12" Voice Control Full Touch Screen Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear View Mirror Camera

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This 4K mirror dash cam front and rear is our newest upgrade car camera this year. It has built-in WIFI with an easy connection with your mobile phone. The GPS keeps real-time recording of your driving rote, speed, and location, and you can check it on your phone. No need to use an SD card to download on the PC, more time-saving and easier operation. We have upgraded the SONY lens with 4K resolution and used a bigger IPS touch trapezoid screen to improve the user experience. G840S Stream Media DashCam will display the rear image automatically on the full screen when you start the car. The rear image is 1.5 times larger than the ordinary rearview mirror. A clearer image can be seen behind the car synchronously with a rare blind spot. Whether you need to record certain driving moments or keep an eye on the car.

  • Wi-Fi & Smart APP Contorl
    The 4K rear view mirror camera has built-in Wi-Fi with an easy connection to your mobile app. Using the "RoadCam" app, you can operate live preview, playback, and device management on your iOS and Android devices. What's more, the video files can be downloaded to your phone and shared on social media, no need to remove the SD card or the mirror car camera frequently.
  • Free Hands with Voice Control
    The dash cam mirror can be controlled through simple voice commands. Especially, if need to keep important videos or pictures during driving, you can say "Lock the video" or "Take photo" to the rearview mirror camera.
  • Mirror Dash Cam with GPS
    The mirror dash cam is equipped with a GPS module to help record the location, live speed(MPH/KMH), and driving route. The videos must use a dedicated GPS player to replay, providing more detailed and reliable evidence in case of accidents.
  • 4K Ultra HD Pixels Support More Details
    The 12" mirror dash cam features a top-quality 4K 3840*2160P front camera and a 1920*1080P waterproof rear camera which can record key details like road signs, and vehicle number plates and offers better-defined details no matter it is in daylight or at night, rainy or sunny. Meantime, wide-angle dual cameras capture everything around the car, providing sufficient evidence for rear-end collisions or collisions, etc.
  • 12" IPS Full Touch Screen & Parking Assistance
    With the latest 12" Streaming Media touch screen provides provide more traffic information in real-time and at a wider angle for parking assistance than the 10" rearview mirror dash cam. Besides, The car camera with reversing guidelines assists you in safe parking by connecting the red wire to the positive lead of the reversing lamp.
  • Loop Recording & Emergency Lock
    The 4K car camera must use a genuine high-speed SD card above U3 to keep the record normal and need a large space to save important videos. The loop recording feature can overwrite the oldest files when the SD card is full. (SD Card NOT Included). The mirror dash cam comes with a parking mode function, which is triggered by a built-in G-sensor. When the G-sensor detects any collision or vibration, the camera starts to record video and locks automatically.Switch Between 
  • Different Modes Easily
    In the recording interface, slide horizontally to the right to enter Playback Mode and slide horizontally to the left to switch Front and Rear camera display modes.
  • Adjustable Rear View Angle
    The rear camera provides an adjustable display at different angles while driving or reversing, and you also can manually adjust the display range either up or down to reach the best field of view.
    In the main recording interface and on the Right side of the screen, slide vertically up and down to adjust screen brightness.
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance
    This heat-resistant mirror dash cam can operate smoothly in temperatures as high as 140°F and as low as -4°F. This ensures recording is normal and safe in Summer or winter.
  • Broad View
    Upgraded 170° front and 140° rear lens provide an ultra-wide view, minimizing the blind spots and capturing more information around your car for safe driving/reversing
  • 24H Parking Monitor
    24H protects your car parking safety. With the parking monitor function enabled, when the G-Sensor is detected any vibration the mirror dash cam will start and begin recording a video of 15 seconds. The Parking Monitor needs a constant power supply.
    Hardwire is not included in the package, you need to buy it separately.
  • 7*24H Customer Care
    We offer a 30-day product replacement warranty and a life after-sales service. If you have any queries about this mirror camera, you can Email our customer service team, and we will resolve arising issues within 24h.
  • Packages:
    1 × 12" Mirror Dash Cam
    1 × 24ft Backup Camera
    1 × 10.8ft Car Charger
    1 × 6.3ft GPS Module
    4 × Cable Clamps
    4 × Rubber Straps
    1 × 3M adhesive brackets for the rear camera
    1 × Easy Install Tool
    1 × User Manual
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