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CAMPARK Solar Panels Trail Camera 4K WiFi Deer Hunting Game Camera 30MP Waterproof Night Vision Wildlife Cam

CAMPARK Solar Panels Trail Camera 4K WiFi Deer Hunting Game Camera 30MP Waterproof Night Vision Wildlife Cam

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  • CAMPARK Solar Panels Trail Camera
    • Equipped with Solar Panels & Long Standby
    The trail camera is equipped with a solar panel. The solar battery has a 2500mAh. It can make the hunting camera work alone without the use of lithium batteries. Of course, it can also be used together with the battery. This makes the trail camera use longer and is very suitable for Hunters observe wild animals for a long time.

    • Bluetooth WiFi Connection & APP Control
     The trail camera has Bluetooth & WiFi connection function, and then you can control it through the mobile APP(Hunting 4K). When you want to set up the camera or get pictures, you don’t have to take off the trail camera every time, You can directly control the trail camera through the mobile APP. Operation more convenient.

    • Advanced Night Vision & 0.2S Trigger Speed
    Trail camera with night vision function, it has 38pcs 850nm night vision lights, no matter the trail camera detects motion during the day or night, it will be triggered immediately in 0.2 seconds, allowing you Never miss any exciting moments.

    • Wider View & Diversified Uses
    The trail camera has 3 PIR Sensors and a viewing angle of 120°, which can easily capture a wider field of view. You can use the trail camera for mutiple application. Such as wildlife viewing,deer hunting, outdoor hunting, and even home security and farm monitoring. It is also a great gift for hunters.

  • T200 Game Camera Features:
    • 4K Video and 30 Megapixel Image
    Game camera with the 4K HD video resolution and 30MP picture resolution of the T200  trail camera, the pictures and videos  taken will make you feel clearer and more real.

    • WIFI Connection & APP Control
    The T200 trail camera is equipped with WiFi Bluetooth connection and APP control function.You can get the pictures and videos in the camera more conveniently.You do not need to remove the wildlife camera from the place where you installed it multiple times to get the pictures and videos.

    • Super Night Vision
    The T200 trail camera is equipped with 38pcs 850nm night vision lights with a maximum distance of 65FT(20m). It will also detect animals at night and take clear photos without losing your photos and videos at night.

    • IP66 Waterproof Solar Panel
    The IP66 waterproof rating of the solar panel allows it to adapt to more environments.Taking into account the durability of the trail camera,it can withstand the test no matter what the weather conditions,ensuring that you can use it continuously without worrying about it being damaged.

    • Super-Durable and High Capacity Solar Panel
    The solar panel has a battery capacity of 2500mAh and can work in an environment of 0°C~60°C.Its small size will not cause you trouble when installing the trail camera.It can be used in a place with sunlight.The deer game camera works longer.

    • Equipped with Separate Solar Panels
    The special thing about the T200 tracking camera is that it has a solar panel,which allows it to be used without batteries.The solar panel is easy to install and will not interfere with the wildlife camera shooting.

  • Please Note:
    1.The package contains a solar panel. But the SD card and battery are not included in the package. It is recommended to use SD card(C10-level card,maximum 128GB).

    2.Please format the memory card before use.

    3.In low temperature conditions, it is recommended to use AA batteries and solar panels to work together.
    As a new model of the Campark trail camera, the T200 trail camera allows you to no longer have to worry about battery issues. The T200 wildlife camera comes with a 2500mAh solar panel, which makes the camera use. 
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