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Jeemak PC70B Sunset Light Projection 10W LED Night Light

Jeemak PC70B Sunset Light Projection 10W LED Night Light

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Sunset Light Projection 10W LED Night Light ,Jeemak 180 Degree Rotation Sunset Lamp, Night Light Projector LED Lamp for Photography/Selfie/Home Party/Living Room/Bedroom Decor

Jeemak sunset light

JEEMAK - Help You Build a Video World with Innovation

JEEMAK is a professional do a company of lighting, focuses on photography and video, help illuminate your life and profession.To improve your happiness and quality of life, choose JEEMAK. We have listened to our customers and developed the items that meet their needs.

JEEMAK product designers ans engineers are currently developing, and will continue to develop more lightings with new innovations with more of a high-tech feeling, sleek and elegant appearance, and more practical and portable designs.

sunset light

Sunset Light Feature-10W lamp beads, more bright and fancy than others!

1. Sunset projection lamp can be upright or projected in different directions. Perfect to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

2. You can change the position of the light to adjust the size of the aperture.

3. The color temperature of the beam is bright, and the spotlight is clearer.

4. Thicker crystal lens, wider luminous angle.

5. Aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable.

6. The angle is adjustable.

Sunset light can bring you a romantic and warm atmosphere on various occasions.(Sunset lamp best gift for father's day, brithday and graduation)

sunset light for home

Sunset Light for Home

Sprinkle romance in the light, bring the setting sun home

sunset light for take photo

Sunset Light for Take Photo

Decorate life with light and shadow, and be the master of shooting in your heart

sunset light for bedroom decor

Sunset Light for Bedroom Decor

If you haven't had time to see the sunset glow, then this is the best gift I can give you

sunset red

Color: Sunset projection

If you dream of having a romantic modern residence, then this sunset floor lamp is indispensable; the modern LED sunset light can provide energy-saving lighting for your house or office, and has a pleasant living room

Upgrated 180 Degree Rotation

Upgrated 180 Degree Rotation

This sunset light can be rotated 180 ¡ã , producing different lights from different angels!

Lamp holder: Aluminum alloy Base: Iron Rod: Iron Lens: glass

--Power: 10 (W)--Lamp bead type: LED chip

--Switch: Button--Charging method: USB

--The length of the line: 1.5 meters

Product Details

Product Details

Our Sunset light is made of high-quality aluminum material. The base and pole are stable. More stable and convenient than others!

a.Use thickened crystals to create stronger light and refraction.

b.180 degree adjustable wrought iron universal buckle to meet the needs of light consumption from different angles.

c.Thickened PC lamp base anti-corrosion and anti-rust Stable and Durable.

d.USB plug,switch contol,easy to use,suitable for various scenarios.

Easy to move, multi-angle projection

Easy to Move, Multi-Angle Projection

The sunset light shape and size of the sunset halo can be adjusted by adjust angle and distance of the lamp head. The greater the distance, the greater the projection, and the sunset light can throw on the wall or ceiling,this sunset lamp Very suitable for Photography/Selfie/Home Party/Living Room/Bedroom Decor

sunset light

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