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TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam for Cars 7" 1080P Dual Lens IPS Touch Screen, Dash Cam Front and Rear View, Waterproof Backup Camera, 170°Wide Angle with G-Sensor Parking Monitor Motion Detection

TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam for Cars 7" 1080P Dual Lens IPS Touch Screen, Dash Cam Front and Rear View, Waterproof Backup Camera, 170°Wide Angle with G-Sensor Parking Monitor Motion Detection

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  • TOGUARD CE35A Mirror Dash Cam for Cars

    • 7 inch IPS Touch Screen and 1080P Car Camera FHD Recording

    Dual cams simultaneous FHD recording in 1080P front view dash camera and 720P waterproof rear cam, ensuring you get much clearer footage all day and night. 7" touch screen provides a wide visual angle which makes it clearer to record more traffic information by mirror dash cam.

    • Waterproof Backup camera Kit for Safe Parking

    Connect the red wire from the rear camera to the reversing light, the image of rear camera will automatically switch over the full view and trigger park assist lines of dash camera for safe parking when the R gear engaged. The waterproof reversing camera can be installed outside the car.

    • Parking Monitor and G-Sensor

    Triggered by the parking monitor, the dash cam will automatically turn on and record when parking. The G-sensor of mirror dash cam will auto-lock recorded video in car camera when detecting collision, which provides powerful evidence in case of a dispute.

    • One-Key Switching Design

    Based on this design of the mirror camera, it is convenient for you to switch the five view modes from full screen display of front/rear view or picture-picture display. Turning off the screen display, this dashcam can be used as a regular rear view mirror.

    • Exquisite Appearance and Easy to Use

    Car camera with 2.5D advanced Anti-glare glass mirror, this iron body of HD mirror cam give you a special sense of touch and vision. The 7-inch sensitive touch screen of mirror car cam is more concise and easier to set up than traditional physical buttons.

  • CE35A Dash cam Features:

    • Wide and Clear 7” Touch Screen

    The 7" touch screen is pretty responsive, beautiful and large. The display for settings, video recording, photo taking and playback are on the mirror itself which is touch sensitive. The interface is easy to navigate and set the multi-function menu.

    • Well Designed and Simple Interface

    IPS and exquisite screen edge design is ultra wider&clearer and seamless with your car than most of traditional mirror dash cams, enjoy real-time recording and monitor when driving; The interface is easy to navigate and set the multi-function menu.

    • Reversing Camera Kit for Safe Parking

    The rear view cam switch to the full screen HD reversing image including the reverse with line assist when the vehicle is in reverse, no need to turn around and easy to park with the help of guidelines.

    • G-Sensor (Emergency Recording) & Loop Recording

    dash cam with loop recording, the newest footage will automatically overwrite the oldest one when the micro SD card is full, never miss any moment. G-sensor will auto-lock the recorded video when collision detected in the event off an accident it’s all there for your insurance company.

    • Parking Monitor

    Mirror dash cam With built-in battery, the dash cam will automatically power on and record 30 seconds after detecting a shocking or vibration when parking and turn off car engine.

    • Motion Detection

    It works when turn on car engine, recording 10 seconds after detecting a motion, which can save micro SD card space.

    • Simple Installation

    The mirror dash cam is easy to install, no need to remove the factory rearview mirror in your car, just easily attach dash cam to rearview mirror with rubber straps. Connect the car charger with camera then hide extra cable into interior panel by pry tool we provided.

    Note: Product Weight is 0.66 Pounds, check whether your mirror can hold it before purchasing.

    • As a Normal Mirror

    Set "screensaver" or just tap the power button on the bottom which will turn off display, so you can use the mirror like you would normally and it is still recording the front/rear cameras.

    Adjustable Lens: Rotate the lens of front camera to adjust its direction to reach the best field of view.
  • Warm Tips:

    1.SD card is not included. We recommend using brand Class 10, 16GB-32GB micro SD card. If you want to use 64GB or 128G micro SD card, please format Micro SD card to FAT32 on PC, then format it again on dash cam.( Note: Please be sure it's a true branded high-speed SD card.)

    2. we recommend that you format the SD card and restore the factory settings once a month.(Save important recording files before operating)

    3.Please don’t splice rear camera wire to extend by yourself, it will cause that there is no image of rear camera in the monitor, we have 23 feet rear camera extension cable sold separately.

    4.Because dash cam use built-in battery, its internal battery is small capacity for saving important filed when traffic accident occurred, we need plug the car charger when recording.

    5.We suggest not turn on motion detection features while driving, this function may make recording intermittent.

    6.We will offer the best solution for you if there is any question. 

  • Q&A

    Question 1: Have set loop recording, but only randomly records for 10 seconds with a long gap in between, then stops and re-start the recording,

    Answer 1: We advise that turn off motion detection(record 10 seconds) when driving and dash cam is recording, which ensure seamless video recording.

    Question 2: The SD card gets full and it doesn’t overwrite?

    Answer 2: Whether there are many video files named begin with "LOC"? which are locked and cannot be overwritten, please adjust sensitivity of G-sensor.

    Question 3: The screen will come back on even though turn on screen saver.

    Answer 3: Please kindly change another car charger to have a test.

  • Mirror Dash cam FHD 1080P, 7 inch Touch Screen Dual dash camera front and rear with waterproof backup camera


        Screen: 7-inch Touch Screen dash cam
        Resolution : 1080P + 720P
        Video: H.264
        Image: JPEG
        Loop recording: 1/2/3/5min
        Screen Saver: 0FF/ 10S/30S/1min
        Display off time: 0FF/ 10S/30S/1min
        Automatic shutdown: 0FF/1/3min

     What's in the box?

    1x Mirror Dash Cam
    1x Backup Camera with screws and 3M tape
    1x 11 feet car charger
    1x 18 feet cable for rear camera
    3x Rubber Straps for fixing front camera
    1x User Manual
       NOTE: The micro sd card is not included in the package.
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