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TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam Full Touch Screen Front and Rear Dual Lens 4K GPS Backup Camera Voice Control Car DVR Recorder Night Vision Waterproof

TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam Full Touch Screen Front and Rear Dual Lens 4K GPS Backup Camera Voice Control Car DVR Recorder Night Vision Waterproof

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        • 4K Ultra HD Experience
        Features 2880 x 2160@30fps 4K ultra high resolution, TOGUARD CE80B Mirror Dash Cam captures the car's license plates and road signs in a super clear definition from distance. The 11.26" rectangle-shaped display with adjustable 330 ° wide-angle dual lens offers you a bigger and wider visual experience than the traditional rearview mirror, reduce the blind area to realize safer driving.

        • Better Night Vision than Other Car Camera
        Equipped with Sony Starvis sensor and F1.8 large aperture 6-glass lens, TOGUARD CE80B Car Camera can capture clearer and more detailed images at night with lower-consumption. Evidence collection is guaranteed.

    • Built-in Voice Commands
    You can operate this smart mirror dash camera instead of touching the screen to lock the video, switch the front/rear camera display, or turn on/off the screen, etc, offering you a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

    • GPS Tracking Route
    The extra GPS module of TOGUARD CE80B dashcam tracks the real-time driving speed, trajectory. You can exactly know when and where the events happened when playing the recorded video on PC using the Gxplayer. Give you enough security.

      • Safer Parking Assistance
    The parking guidelines of TOGUARD CE80B Rearview Mirror will be activated when reversing, ensures safe and convenient parking. (To use this function, the red wire of the rear camera should be connected to the positive pole of the reversing light)

    • 11.26'' screen and wider angle        
    The 11.26" IPS responsive touch screen is easy to operate, offers a wider horizontal field of view than 10" screen, which enables you to monitor more real-time traffic information on the road while driving

    • 4K camera and adjustable view        
    Front camera adopted Sony, captures native 4K UHD (2880 x 2160@30fps) footage with clear details. License plates in distance that are unreadable in 1080P or other resolutions are very crisp in 4K video.

    • Outstanding Night Vision        
    4K Sony sensor IMX415 on the front camera enhances night vision in low light or rainy conditions efficiently, giving you exceptionally sharp video clips at night.

    • Loop Recording & Emergency Lock        
    Loop recording will overwrite the oldest unlocked footage to ensure there's enough space continually recording. With G-sensor enabled, it will automatically lock current video during a collision provide evidence for insurance and legal purposes.
    • Reverse Camera Safe Parking        
    The rear view will automatically show the full screen reversing image with parking guidelines when the vehicle is in reverse. Achieving easy and safe parking.

    • 24 Hours Parking Monitor        
    When the G-Sensor of system detects a car shaking during parking time, the dash cam will automatically turn on and record a short locked video to secure your car. Long time parking function will need a dash cam hardwire kit.
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