Toguard SC24 2K Dual Lens Wi-Fi Security Camera indoor Wireless Dome Surveillance Camera Pet Camera Baby Monitor



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 The SC24 Indoor Security Camera equipped with a 355° Pan and 90° Tilt Dome camera, offers a wide range of coverage, allowing you to monitor every corner of your indoor space. The dual lens views provide crystal-clear 2K/2MP+2MP footage, while the 360° lens views and fixed lens view ensure that no detail goes unnoticed.

 With a built-in microphone and speaker, this camera enables two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with your loved ones or even your pets remotely. The photoresistors and infrared lights ensure excellent night vision, with options for both infrared and full-color night vision modes. The camera supports a 2.4GHz WiFi network.With cloud and micro SD card storage options, you can store and access your footage anytime, anywhere. Designed with your safety in mind, the SC24 features sound and light alarms, alerting you to any unusual activity.

 Whether you're a pet owner, a parent concerned about home safety, or simply want to keep an eye on your property, the SC24 Indoor Security Camera is the perfect choice.



    💎【Dual Lens 240° Views】

    Capture clear 2MP+2MP dual lens 240° views with the fixed lens view and 360° lens view, allowing you to monitor multiple areas simultaneously.

    💎【360° Coverage】

    360° coverage of your indoor space with 355° pan and 90° tilt dome camera, ensuring no blind spots for enhanced security.

    💎【Two-way Audio】

    Two-way audio enables you to communicate with your loved ones or pets from anywhere.

    💎【Advanced night vision】

    Intelligent motion detection with color night vision mode for enhanced round-the-clock surveillance, allowing you to see clear images even in low light conditions.Stay vigilant round-the-clock with intelligent motion detection and color night vision mode.

    💎【App push alarm Notification】

    Enjoy app push notifications and sound/light alarms and multi-user sharing for seamless monitoring and interaction, provide comprehensive security.

    💎【Convenient Connectivity】

    Easily power this camera with the included 1M wired Type-c 5V power supply cable for uninterrupted surveillance and security.Experience 7/24h monitoring with 2.4GHz WiFi network.This camera offers convenience and flexibility for indoor monitoring needs.

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